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Sellers of all fuels, whatever their conflicts, can stand in harmony on the platform of high oil prices. Morris Albert Adelman
This island is almost made of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish in Great Britain at the same time. Aneurin Bevan
Of what do we complain? A total incapacity, produced by the foreign policy, to purchase, at any price, necessary foreign objects of consumption. Henry Clay
Just as the stone age did not end for lack of stones, the oil age will not end because of a scarcity of oil. Leonardo Maugeri
Bread did not have its usual nourishing power and strength because the grain was not nourished by the warmth of summer sunshine. Hence those who ate it, even in large quantities, were hungry again after a little while. There can be no doubt that the poor wasted away when even the rich were constantly hungry.... Four pennies worth of coarse bread was not enough to feed a common man for one day. The usual kinds of meat, suitable for eating, were too scarce; horse meat was precious; plump dogs were stolen. And, according to many reports, men and women in many places secretly ate their own children.... Johannes de Trokelowe
Buy a Pig. A properly cared for pig is no less clean than a pet dog. Herbert Hoover
Advocates of pump priming forget that they are draining the well. Herbert Hoover
Nature is rich; but everywhere man, the heir of nature, is poor. Never in this happy country or elsewhere except in the Land of Miracle, where "they did all eat and were filled"-has there been enough of anything for the people. Never since time began have all the sons and daughters of men been all warm, and all filled, and all shod and roofed. Henry Demarest Lloyd
Black market sounds negative, but, in fact, everybody loved the black markets during the communist era. It was the only place that officials and others could get shoes and consumer products. There were shortages everywhere. The black market during the Soviet era was essentially the only capitalism there was. Amy L. Chua
Give us bread and we will go to work! Anonymous
Perhaps a day might come when there would be at last be enough to go round John Maynard Keynes
The imperatives of the population explosion, … almost inevitably will lessen our belief in the sanctity of the individual human life Jim Garrison
Let fields be devoted exclusively to the production of corn, oats, beans, peas, potatoes, and other food for man and beast; let corn be sown broadcast for fodder. . . and let all your efforts be directed to the prompt supply of these articles in the districts where our armies are operating. Jefferson Davis
Yesterday a crowd of women assembled on the public square and marching thence down Main, sacked several shoe, grocery and other stores. Their pretense was bread; but their motive really was license. Few of them have really felt want. The President went down amongst them and said a few words to them telling them that the course they were pursuing was the one most likely to bring scarcity of food on the city. . . . It was a real women’s riot, but as yet there is really little cause for one—there is scarcity, but little want. Josiah Gorgas
Blankets, that used to sell for $6, are now $25 per pair; and sheets are selling for $15 per pair, which might have been had a year ago for $4 …. Wood is selling at $16 per cord, and coal at $9 per load. How can we live here, unless our salaries are increased? The matter is under consideration by Congress, and we hope for favorable action. - John B. Jones
War never fails to leave depleted storehouses, always impairs the efficiency of production. Warren G. Harding
That a shortage of crude rubber is likely to be felt by 1928 is indicated by a comparison of the prospective production and consumption for the next few years. It is a picture which cannot be looked upon with complacency…. there are two distinct problems involved: (1) monopoly control of a basic raw material, and (2) a shortage in that raw material developing within a few years. To meet these problems there are two courses open: (1) new planting, and (2) an extension of America's present holdings in the East…. We have to consider, for example, our national defense, especially as concerns the protection of our lines of transport in the remote contingency of war Harry Nichols Whitford