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The day of the dirty, greasy hamburger is passed. Billy Ingram Sr.
Let him not throw urine or feces into the water, nor saliva, nor clothes defiled by impure substances, nor any other impurity, nor blood, nor poisonous things. Manu
In the developing countries the United Nations doesn't mean frustration, confrontation or condemnation. It means environmental sanitation, agricultural production, telecommunications, the fight against illiteracy, the great struggle against poverty ignorance and disease. Miguel A. Albornoz
Some of the [Indian] national [sanitation] habits are beyond description, and yet so ingrained as to defy all human effort [to reform.] Mohandas K. Gandhi
Rather filthy 2 -- Filthy 10 -- Very filthy 45 -- Exceedingly filthy 7 -- Disgustingly filthy 26 Joseph Prichard
It is no business of government to discipline defecation. Anonymous
Disease among the working classes is caused by atmospheric impurities produced by decomposing animal and vegetable substances, by damp and filth, and close and overcrowded dwellings. Edwin Chadwick
These same people that tolerate the real violence of war don't want to see the result of it on the nightly news. Unlike the rest of the world, our news coverage of this war remains sanitized, without a glimpse of the blood and gore inflicted upon our soldiers or the women and children in Iraq. Violence as a concept, an abstraction – it's very strange Tim Robbins
Not only does filth, overcrowding, lack of privacy and domesticity, lack of ventilation and lighting, and absence of supervision and of sanitary regulation still characterize the greater number of the tenements; but they are built to a greater height in stories New York City Citizens' Council of Hygiene
Sanitary laws, pure food laws, and laws determining conditions of labor which individuals are powerless to determine for themselves are intimate parts of the very business of justice and legal efficiency. Woodrow Wilson
Hygiene is two thirds of health. Lebanese Proverb
Men, women, and children, who would be doomed to death in the savage state, have their lives prolonged by civilization; the sickly, whom the hardships of the savage struggle for existence would kill off, are carefully tended in hospitals, and saved by medical skill; the parents, whose thread of life would be cut short, are cherished on into prolonged old age; the feeble, who would be left to starve, are tenderly shielded from hardship, and life’s road is made the smoother for the lame; the average life is lengthened, and more and more thought is brought to bear on the causes of preventable disease; better drainage, better homes, better food, better clothing, all these, among the more comfortable classes, remove many of the natural checks to population. Annie Besant
So give me the political economist, the sanitary reformer, the engineer; and take your saints and virgins, relics and miracles. The spinning-jenny and the railroad, Cunard's liners and the electric telegraph, are to me, if not to you, signs that we are, on some points at least, in harmony with the universe; that there is a mighty spirit working among us, who cannot be your anarchic and destroying Devil, and therefore may be the Ordering and Creating God. Charles Kingsley
When 125,000 people are gathered together on 10 square miles of land they must of necessity give up certain of their liberties. It is a sacrifice they must make for the sake of the advantages of city life. Charles V. Chapin
Things are more unpleasant here every day. The Senate chamber is filled with lice. It makes my head itch to think of it. The building is like one grand water closet. Every hole and every corner is defiled. Thomas Ustick Walter
Unwholesome trades, slaughter-houses, operations offensive to the senses, the deposit of powder, the application of steam power to propel cars, the building with combustible materials, and the burial of the dead, may all, be interdicted by law, in the midst of dense masses of population, on the general and rational principle, that every person ought so to use his property as not to injure his neighbors. James Kent
It may seem a strange principal to enunciate as the very first requirement in a Hospital that it should do the sick no harm. Florence Nightingale
A third of the city's population of over two million people live under unsatisfactory conditions, many under distressing conditions, some under disgraceful conditions. For thousands home is a mockery. It consists of two or three small rooms of which but one is adequately lighted and often even not that one and none of which is adequately ventilated; rooms that in the hot summer day become an inferno of torture to little children, the sick, and the weak. For the persons living in these homes there is little privacy; there are no reticences; they must share the process of living with other families; they must use a common water closet [toilet]; they must get all the water they use from a common faucet in the public hall; the fire peril menaces them at all times … New York City
Disease is largely a removable evil. It continues to afflict humanity, not only because of incomplete knowledge of its causes and lack of individual and public hygiene, but also because it is extensively fostered by harsh economic and industrial conditions and by wretched housing in congested communities. Hermann M. Biggs
In India, more people have cell phones than access to a toilet Geoffrey C. Ward
No one has the right to use America's rivers and America's Waterways, that belong to all the people, as a sewer. The banks of a river may belong to one man or one industry or one State, but the waters which flow between the banks should belong to all the people. Lyndon B. Johnson
… it seems to me that there is little knowledge of the ordinary rules of sanitation in many of the rural districts of the South in which we have been. The same holds true of some of the poorer districts in the cities. We all know that you can become immune to almost any type of infection, but some people die in the process unnecessarily. Eleanor Roosevelt
He [Rafael Trujillo] had his torture chambers. He had his political assassinations. But he kept law and order, cleaned the place up, made it sanitary, built public works, and he didn’t bother the United States. So that was fine with us. Henry Valpey Dearborn
Washington has dedicated past global health initiatives to delivering food, drugs, and other health technologies to the world’s poor. In doing so, it has been able to achieve progress even in countries with dysfunctional governments. But it cannot enforce the regulations on smoke-free public places, food and drug safety, urban sanitation, and road traffic that are now needed in such settings. Accordingly, the fundamental challenge in this new area of global health is not necessarily new medicine but better governance. Thomas J. Bollyky
You can’t imagine what it’s like to live in one of the nine counties effected in West Virginia …what it’s like to not have any water except to flush commodes and put out fires….It has devastated this area … everything is closing … no restaurant is allowed to open…, the people are in their homes, the schools are closed. You’re not supposed to take showers and certainly not supposed to drink the tap water…. I smelled it and tasted it, and I knew something was very wrong. Danny Jones
The campaign of sanitation in our colonies has wiped out many epidemic diseases and reduced to a minimum the hotbeds of infection. Our colonies can boast of sanitary and hygienic measures similar to those existing in the most progressive countries. Carlo Schanzer
The John Anonymous
Why should a man have a better right to kill his neighbor with a house than with an axe in the street? Jacob Riis
Lebanese Consumers Learn They Are Eating Shit. Al-Akhbar
We're going to look at comparisons of things in the poorest group: beds, roofs, cooking. And observe, in all these comparisons, their homes are chosen so they are in completely different places of the world. But what we see is pretty identical. So the poorest billion cooking would look somewhat the same in these two places; you might not have shoes; eating, if you don't have a spoon; storing salt would be similar whether you're in Asia or in Africa; and going to the toilet would be pretty much the same experience whether you're in Nigeria or Nepal. In the middle, we have a huge group of five billion, but here we can see you will have electric light, most likely; you will no longer sleep on the floor; you will store your salt in a container; you will have more than one spoon; you will have more than one pen; the ceiling is no longer leaking that much; you will have shoes; you might have a phone, toys, and produce waste. Coming to our group ... [the more affluent], similar shoes, Jordan, US. We have sofas, fruits, hairbrushes, bookshelves, toilet paper in Tanzania, Palestine, hard to distinguish if we would sit in US, Palestine or Tanzania from this one. Vietnam, Kenya: wardrobes, lamps, black dogs, floors, soap, laundry, clocks, computers, phones, and so on Anna Rosling Ronnlund