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Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Russian, and Polish immigrants threaten the very fabric of the Anglo-Saxon race …. If a lower race mixes with a higher race, history teaches us, the lower race will prevail. Henry Cabot Lodge
When a thing is done, advice comes too late. Anonymous
Mongolian Vandals Anonymous
One can justifiably say that the decisions unanimously adopted by this great forum of Romanian Communists represents the wisdom and determination of our whole party and all our people. Nicolae Ceausescu
I wanted to apply anti-corruption laws fairly, and this made me a lot of enemies .... You can't get anything done without giving bribes. Without bribes, nobody will help me solve your problems. Gheorghe Florica
Most Americans don’t know the difference between Romania and Somalia Ion Iliescu
the Greek Orthodox Church is the Church of the State. Other churches are only tolerated. All the Orthodox archbishops and bishops have a constitutional right to sit in Parliament, but only one Catholic bishop has been admitted Jules Jezequal
Perhaps you will find me more agreeable. Marie Alexandra Victoria
It is like a wide embrace, gathering together all those who have searched for words of hope. It accepts all great Prophets gone before, ’ it destroys no other creeds and leaves all doors open... Marie Alexandra Victoria
Romania needs a face, and I will be that face Marie Alexandra Victoria
Our elite has not evolved in 20 years, and the instincts of this elite are not democratic. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
While the Christian apostles preached their ideal in the open, the Talmud hides; and its two appendages, the Kahal and Freemasonry, are even more invisible. The three of them use, in order to remain in the dark, a scabrous and accursed means, namely the lie. In other words, the lie is the basis of the system used by Jews … But the lie has a mortal enemy, namely the truth. For truth is the distinctive trait of Christianity. Nicolae Paulescu
We live in a normal apartment, just like every other citizen. We have ensured an apartment for every citizen. Elena Ceausescu
It is a lie that I made the people starve. A lie, a lie in my face. This shows how little patriotism there is, how many treasonable offenses were committed.… At no point was there such an upswing, so much construction, so much consolidation in the Romanian provinces. I guaranteed that every village has its schools, hospitals and doctors. I have done everything to create a decent and rich life for the people in the country, like in no other country in the world. Nicolae Ceausescu
Our experience shows that today the West is commendably eager to encourage the slightest sign of independence within the Soviet bloc. Let's take advantage of their eagerness... We must make cleverness our national trait... Stop showing a sullen, frowning face and clenched fist to the West. Start making it feel compassion for us, and you'll see how fast Western boycotts change into magnanimity. Let's present Romania as a Latin island in the Slavic sea... Our millennia-old traditions of independence are now up against Moscow's political centrism... A pawn between two superpowers. Nicolae Ceausescu
Oil, Jews and Germans, are our most important export commodities. Nicolae Ceausescu
It's expensive to keep Communism alive today. I've already got a huge foreign debt staring me in the face, and I can't reduce it by exporting tomatoes or toilet paper. We should be making dollars any way we can. And we should be exporting arms any way and every way, openly and secretly, legally or by smuggling-I don't care how. Nicolae Ceausescu
Comrade Nicolae Ceauşescu, all children Are bringing you burning love from their souls, Because you, leading the Party and the people, Are teaching us to move When we say Ceauşescu, we all know That we say liberty, truth and steadfastness. That's why we love you with ardor, With all that is heart in us and in Romania. Anonymous
The leading elite of a country cannot be chosen by the multitude. To try to select this elite is like determining by majority vote who the poets, writers, mechanics, aviators or athletes of a country ought to be. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
It was probably only the Tsarist Government's chronic dislike of popular education that saved the Rumanian peasantry from compulsory Russification. Hamilton Fish Armstrong
Another of Moscow's suggestions for the same region [Moldova & Romania] has been the creation of a Jewish state. Hamilton Fish Armstrong