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He must be one that respects the Cause, and not the persons in all his Administrations…. If his Affections Oversway his judgment at any time, they will be a crooked Bias, that will turn him out of the way, and that shall be justice in one man's case, which will not be so in another. He must be one whom neither Flattery nor Bribery may be able to remove out of his way. Finally, he must be one who prefers the publick Benefit above all private and separate Interests whatsoever Samuel Willard
At the end, governance is reflected in what is delivered to people. If you have a good trade agreement, for example, hopefully that will reduce prices and help exports…. I have no opinion about who is better or worse. I am not a politician. I am not in politics. I'm just a citizen. It is interesting for me to know who is doing better than the others. …We all have our perceptions. I go to visit a country, I end up in a five-star hotel in a nice city and I'm driven there and taken back and I say, ‘Wow, this is a wonderful country, it's safe.’ But I've been looked after. Is the country really safe? How do we get the facts away from perception? Mo Ibrahim
What produces the general good is always terrible or seems bizarre when begun too soon ... Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
The stock of materials by which any nation is rendered flourishing and prosperous are its industry, its knowledge or skill, its morals, its execution of justice, its courage, and the national union in directing these powers to one point and making them all center in the public benefit. Edmund Burke
The left’s reflex is that if something is good then the government ought to provide it, and some conservatives are falling into the left’s political trap. Wall Street Journal