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Time and events bring out the truth, but they also deal a mortal blow. Kemal Ataturk
The top of a pinnacle now, firewood soon Burmese Proverb
Without going into a philosophical debate on the rights of the unborn, it is important to recognize the right of women to safe abortion. Even in the case of medically-indicated abortions, the pregnancy termination often results in maternal death, and may cause serious morbidity. Shershah Syed
Adults worldwide can today look forward to a life-expectancy of 60 plus. But not young Pakistani women: they die like flies, daily, during childbirth... Shershah Syed
… the lack of access to basic family planning services and information undermines a woman’s ability to determine her own destiny. It also increases illness and mortality rates of women and their children, and inhibits the ability of families to climb out of poverty. William G. Milliken
No one is so old that he cannot live yet another year, nor so young that he cannot die today. Fernando de Rojas
Medical statistics will be our standard of measurement: we will weigh life for life and see where the dead lie thicker, among the workers or among the privileged Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow
But though empires, like all the other works of men, have all hitherto proved mortal, yet every empire aims at immortality. Adam Smith
Thanks to Penicillin, he will come home. Anonymous
Child marriage and pregnancy … is the biggest cause of teenage female deaths in the world. Gloria Steinem
You had to be tough to survive being in the hospital during the Civil War. Mark Hall-Patton
[Worldwide] … tobacco use … kills more people annually than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Thomas J. Bollyky
90 percent of children with leukemia can be cured, but 90 percent of the children with that disease in the world’s 25 poorest countries die from it. Thomas J. Bollyky
… man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life. John F. Kennedy
The reduction in the size of the population and the reduction in population density … will create the danger of weakening Russia’s political. economic, and military influence in the world. Sergei V. Stepachin
Year by year, we, the citizens of Russia, are getting fewer and fewer…. We face the threat of becoming a senile nation. Vladimir Putin
Kings scarcely recognize themselves as mortals, scarcely understand that which pertains to man, except on the day they are made king or on the day they die. On the former day they feign humility and gentleness, in the hope of capturing the voice of the people. On the latter, having death before their eyes, they confess what is a fact, namely that they are wretchedly mortal. John Milton
If your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. Jimmy Kimmel