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I make you a gift of these Blacks, of their children, their horses, their weapons, and all they possess. Share them among you. Sidi Muhammad Ill
Christians were sprinkled with water at birth and thus relieved of washing for the rest of their lives. Anonymous
The world is held up by four pillars: The Wisdom of the Learned; the Justice of the Great; the Prayers of The Righteous; and the Valor of the Brave Anonymous
I, Alfonso, King of the Portuguese, with the consent of all my people, so that it may be remembered by future generations, do provide by this protocol of confirmation that the Franks who shall remain with me in the siege of the city of Lisbon shall have and take into their power and possession the goods of whatever kind belonging to the enemy and that I and my men shall have no part whatever of them. The Franks shall freely have the ransom money from the enemy prisoners Alfonso I
If I have to chose, I would rather tend camels for the Almoravids than pasture swine under the Christians. Al-Mutamid
They give war to me that I do not want. Al-Mutamid
They showed to us, moreover, with much derision the symbol of the cross. They spat upon it and wiped the feces from their posteriors with it. At last they urinated on it, as on some despicable thing, and threw our cross at us.... Osbernus
Brothers in Islam! We now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward's death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me? Tariq ibn Ziyad
You must know that the Grecian maidens, as beautiful as houris, their necks glimmering with innumerable pearls, their bodies clothed with tunics of costly silks and sprinkled with gold, are awaiting your arrival, reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes. Tariq ibn Ziyad
As soon as the town had been taken without opposition, the Vicar-General and some of the Franciscan fathers came ashore carrying two crosses in procession and singing the Te Deum. They went to the palace, and there the cross was put down and the Grand-Captain prayed. Then everyone started to plunder the town of all its merchandise and provisions. Hans Mayr
May God's blessing be upon you, Sayyid Ali! This is to inform you that a great lord has passed through the town, burning it and laying it waste. He came to the town in such strength and was of such cruelty, that he spared neither man nor woman, old nor young, nay, not even the smallest child. Not even those who fled escaped from his fury. He not only killed and burnt men but even the birds of the heavens were shot down. The stench of the corpses is so great in the town that I dare not go there; nor can I ascertain nor estimate what wealth they have taken from the town. I give you these sad news for your own safety King of Mombasa
The civil wars which arose some few years ago in Morocco between the Blacks and Whites, merely on account of their complexion, are founded on a pleasant difference. We laugh at them; but, I believe, were things rightly examined, we afford much more occasion of ridicule to the Moors. For, what are all the wars of religion, which have prevailed in this polite and knowing part of the world? They are certainly more absurd than the Moorish civil wars. The difference of complexion is a sensible and a real difference; but the controversy about an article of faith, which is utterly absurd and unintelligible, is not a difference in sentiment, but in a few phrases and expressions, which one party accepts of without understanding them, and the other refuses in the same manner.... Besides, I do not find that the Whites in Morocco ever imposed on the Blacks any necessity of altering their complexion . . . nor have the Blacks been more unreasonable in this particular. David Hume
In all criminal cases, differences, disputes, or other causes of litigation arising between British subjects and the subjects or citizens of other foreign nations, no Moorish authority shall have a right to interfere unless a Moorish subject has received thereby injury to his person or property, in which case the Moorish authority or one of his officers, shall have a right to be present at the tribunal of the Consul; such cases shall be decided solely in the tribunals of the foreign Consuls, without the interference of the Moorish Government. Arthur Helps
The Moors tolerated Christendom when they were ascendant, but the Christian Inquisition harbored no reciprocal emotion. Joseph Wheelan
The Christians love to read the poems and romances of the Arabs…. Christians have even forgotten their own language. There are a thousand who can express themselves with elegance, and write better poems in Arabic than the Arabs themselves. Alvarus Paulus Cordubensis
The administration of justice was swift and unvexed by nuance. Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Al-Makkari
After searching … high ranks as well as low, the Caliph Hisham has found none more deserving to be his successor or to become the heir to his Caliphate after his death than the trustworthy, honest, and beloved son of Ibn Abi Amir Hisham II
The heads of lords lay strewn about the ground, like figs that sell a thousand for a fils. Fallen princes' bloated corpses lay like full wine-skins or women big in the womb. Slaves lay beside their masters, beggars next to kings, all one in rank, all turned to dung; unburied in the field they lay, they and their king Zuhair. Not one in ten, one in ten thousand survived, like grapes unpicked at harvest's end, and Andalus was rid of Slays, the host of Almeria crushed, her kingdom gone. Samuel ibn Naghrela
Your chief has made a mistake which delights malicious gloaters He has chosen an infidel as his secretary when he could, had he wished, have chosen a Believer. Through him, the Jews have become great and proud and arrogant—they, who were among the most abject And have gained their desires and attained the utmost and this happened suddenly, before they even realized it. And how many a worthy Muslim humbly obeys the vilest ape among these miscreants. Abu Ishaq
It is forbidden to sell to Jews and Christians scientific books .... They have in fact translated scientific books and attributed them to their coreligionists and to their bishops, whereas they are really the work of Muslims! lbn Abdun
It is forbidden to sell a coat that once belonged to a leper, or to a Jew or Christian, unless the buyer is informed of its origin; likewise if this garment once belonged to a debauched person lbn Abdun
A Moslem must not act as masseur to a Jew or Christian; he must not clear their rubbish nor clean their latrines. In fact, the Jew and the Christian are more suited for such work, which are degrading tasks. A Moslem must not act as a guide or stableman for an animal owned by a Jew or Christian; he must not act as their donkey-driver or hold the stirrups for them. lbn Abdun
Never did I charge into battle with the hope of returning safe. This is the way of my ancestors, The roots beget the stems/ Muhammad Ibn Abbad Al Mutamid