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There were too many lawmen who were Klansmen. The Hoover FBI was not the least bit interested in what I could tell them about the Klan. So I went to Drew Pearson who had a coast to coast radio program and gave him the names of people who were Klan members and attended meetings. He read some names each week, and those men never showed up again. Stetson Kennedy
Nothing corrupts a man so much as being an arm of the law and making men suffer. Ludwig von Mises
… the Mississippi Highway Patrol—some of those are Klansmen, a number of the chiefs of police and the sheriffs are, and therefore you can’t count on the local people to really extend any protection . J. Edgar Hoover
We are safer when communities respect the police and the police respect the communities. Hillary Clinton
If you are planning on entering the field of law enforcement, be sure you understand that you WILL be held to a higher standard. This is not unjust, but a necessary fact. Those who are chosen to uphold the constitution and must do so with responsibility and that means they must live their lives as an example Kristen Ziman
I look for officers who are strong in character – we can teach the skills necessary to do the job but it’s more challenging to find those who are there for the right reasons. Kristen Ziman
Having the support of our communities is absolutely essential to productive and sustainable crime prevention efforts. While there are law enforcement agencies that have meaningful and transparent relationships with all segments of their communities, it is fair to say that there are other agencies that need to further enhance relationships and build trust within their communities, particularly among disenfranchised segments. Terrence M. Cunningham,
America today is becoming a Prosecutocracy. Prosecutors have the power when over 97 percent of the convictions are without trial. Conrad Black
I believe that even if a criminal defendant has committed a heinous wrong, they should still be treated with respect from everyone in the criminal justice system, including prosecutors Stacey F. Beckerman
The 4th Amendment has been a wall between a free society and overzealous police action. Renee McDonald Hutchins
There is no more Vendée, citizens. It has just perished under our free sword along with its women and children. I have just buried it in the marshes and mud of Savenay. Following the orders you gave me, I have crushed children under the feet of horses and massacred women who at least will give birth to no more brigands. I have no prisoners with which to reproach myself. Anonymous
Our ability to be believed is at risk. The F.B.I. must be able to stand on any corner in the U.S. or before any jury and be believed. James Comey