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Oh Castlereagh! Thou art a patriot now; Thou cutt’st thy throat that Britain may be saved! Posterity will ne’er survey a nobler grave than this; Here lie the bones of Castlereagh: Stop, traveler. Lord George Gordon
The deed is done, the nail is driven, Spanish America is free; and if we do not mismanage our affairs sadly, she is English George Canning
Those strutting, heroic figures who destroyed Spanish rule were, it seemed, unable themselves to rule for any significant period of time, or to build lasting institutions. Worse, the cult of personality that grew up around them served as a precedent for the two most serious evils that were to afflict Latin America until well into the late twentieth century – popular dictatorship and caudillismo, military rule – which alternated in many countries, and even sometimes merged, with doubly tragic results. Latin America’s underdevelopment since independence, particularly as compared with the United States, has been largely ascribed to such misgovernment. Robert Lambart Harvey
It does not accord with the policy of the United States to acknowledge any monarchial Government erected on the ruins of any republican Government in America ... House of Representatives
Sure, we could send in the troops, but the threat of communism wouldn’t diminish until the people’s standard of living was improved and the totalitarian countries of Latin America gave them more freedom. Ronald Reagan
At the same time as we are closing our borders we are sending mixed signals to countries where we are helping the rich, and the poor will cross the borders to come here. Hilda Solis
In Latin America we love the kind of hero who dies for his cause. They are the only kinds of leaders that we trust. Alma Guillermoprieto
They can send us to prison, but they cannot silence us. The truth cannot be silenced. Roy Bourgeois
54,000 Latin American soldiers graduated from the School of the Americas since 1986. These soldiers are known to commit atrocities and execute torture techniques Shirley Way
Most Latin Americans were dumbfounded by U.S. actions at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. government has long scolded Latin American countries for their violations of human rights and their shabby judicial procedures, but it suddenly seemed to be playing by a different set of rules when its own security was at stake. Peter Hakim
In the past decade, nearly a dozen elected Latin American presidents have been forced from office. Peter Hakim
The presence of these large, long-range, and clearly offensive weapons of sudden mass-destruction—constitutes an explicit threat to the peace and security of all the Americas... John F. Kennedy
The United States is potent and great. When you shake there is a deep tremblor that passes through the enormous vertebrae of the Andes. If you clamor, it is heard like the roaring of a lion. Ruben Dario
You come from a country which industrialized early and which succeeded in incorporating the great majority of its citizens into the middle classes. It is no social distinction in the U.S. to have graduated from the second year of college. Indeed, most Americans now do. Anybody in this the United States who did not finish high school is considered underprivileged. In Latin America the situation is quite different: 75% of all people drop out of school before they reach the sixth grade. Thus, people who have finished high school are members of a tiny minority. Then, a minority of that minority goes on for university training. It is only among these people that you will find your educational equals… a middle class in the United States is the majority. In Mexico, it is a tiny elite. Ivan Illich
In Latin America, no country is prouder of its legally obligatory admission-free school system than Argentina. Yet only one Argentinian of five thousand born into the lower half of the population gets as far as the university. Ivan Illich
There is no community of interests or of principles between North and South America. John Quincy Adams
Democracy no better suited Spanish America than birds, beasts or fishes. John Adams
What we have to do in Latin America is learn to raise our own national and regional banners so that our subcontinent doesn't become the ideological battleground of the two superpowers. Raul Alfonsin
What we need in our countries is a good police force with a civilian mentality and some cheap light arms, not an army that needs to maintain its power with sophisticated weapons Oscar Arias
Until we do something about demand, Latin America will never be able to solve the drug problem on its own. Bernard Aronson
Poetry, in Latin America, has always been connected with politics… it is a mobilizing force. Gioconda Belli
There is an economic revolution taking place throughout Latin America and we must be a part of it. Lloyd Bentsen
In ten years of struggle and travail that beggar description, in ten years of suffering almost beyond human endurance, we have witnessed the indifference with which all Europe and even our brothers of the north have remained but passive spectators to our anguish. Simon Bolivar
The patriots … complain that our government is cold toward them, as if ashamed to own them. Henry Marie Brackenridge
Logic, having been invented by Greeks in the Northern hemisphere, does not apply south of the equator. Roberto de Oliveira Campos
…In certain parts of Latin America, the seizure of the vast majority of the wealth by an oligarchy of owners bereft of social consciousness, the practical absence or the shortcomings of a rule of law, military dictators making a mockery of elementary human rights, the corruption of certain powerful officials, the savage practices of some foreign capital interests constitute factors which nourish a passion for revolt among those who thus consider themselves the powerless victims of a new colonialism in the technological, financial, monetary, or economic order. Catholic Church
The glorious spectacle of eighteen millions of people, struggling to burst their chains and be free. Henry Clay
Make Latin America a partner, not a peon. Paul Erdman
We have no concern with South America. We can have no well-founded political sympathy with them. We are sprung from different stock. Edward Everett
Latins are macho, they hate gringos and they hate gringos’ wives. What else do you want to know? Dante Fascell
Latinos in America are still part of the Latin American experience. To understand the Latin American presence in America you must understand the American presence in Latin America. Juan Gonzales
It is impossible not to look forward to distant times when our rapid multiplication will expand … and cover the whole northern if not the southern continent. Thomas Jefferson
You cannot found a monarchy on this Continent. Andrew Johnson
The scorn of our formidable neighbor who does not know us is our America’s greatest danger …. Through ignorance it might even come to lay hands on us. Once it does know us, it will remove it’s hands out of respect. Jose Marti
Such recognition is not necessary in order to enable the United States to intervene and pacify the Island. William McKinley
[American military and diplomatic] aid and protection is apt to be given to any American interest that is financially powerful enough ... no matter whether it be a legitimate interest or, as has so often been the case, a claim for spoils resulting from a fraudulent concession or monopoly worked through by the aid of corrupt and heavily bribed [local] officials. William Kimball
America is ungovernable. He who serves a revolution ploughs the sea. Simon Bolivar
The only things that matter in the world are Japan and China, Russia and Europe. Latin America doesn’t matter…. And … there’s nothing you can do about the Middle East. Richard Nixon
Where the carcass of a nation rots there will be the filibusters be gathered together. Every raven in the hungry flock of American politicians looks that way, wipes his greedy beak, prunes his wings, and screams “Manifest Destiny.” Theodore Parker
In order to evaluate revolutions and revolutionaries, one needs to observe them close up but judge the them at a distance. Simon Bolivar
We will export more to Latin America than Europe in the next 10 years, and we already export more to Asia than to Europe. That was unthinkable 30 years ago. Robert E. Rubin
Those countries cannot be in better hands, my fear is that the Spaniards are too feeble to hold them till our population can be sufficiently advanced to gain it from them piece by piece. Thomas Jefferson
Why would a powerful elite ever consent to government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Democratic institutions would soon encroach on the interests of the privileged few if political equality were fully enforced. This dilemma is especially central to the study of democracy in Latin America, where social and economic inequality are so great that economic elites are often threatened by pressure to share their wealth,(1) and often have sufficient political resources to respond by having democratic governments removed. Michael Coppedge
Latin America One Country Under One People Latin Americans Unite
We will not tolerate being cheap labor for industrialized nations, and the purchase of our national resources to be taken abroad. Latin Americans Unite
Latin America was born with a birth defect: a highly unequal initial distribution of resources that dates back to the colonial era. Francis Fukuyama
Great improvements must also take place which far surpass the momentum of power that a single nation can produce, but will with facility proceed from their united strength. The hand of art will change the face of the universe. Mountains, deserts, and oceans will feel its mighty force. It will not then be debated whether hills shall be prostrated, but whether the Alps and the Andes shall be leveled; nor whether sterile fields shall be fertilized, but whether the deserts of Africa shall feel the power of cultivation; nor whether rivers shall be joined, but whether the Caspian shall see the Mediterranean, and the waves of the Pacific lave the Atlantic. DeWitt Clinton
Latin American countries have lavished money on its armies when they should have been lavishing it on their children. Oscar Arias
Latin Americans do not trust legal institutions and actors … whether government courts or private lawyers. Oscar Arias
Latin American legislatures have probably passed more laws over the past 175 years than their counterparts anywhere on the planet. Yet never have so many laws been ignored by so many for so long Oscar Arias
Latin Americans hold on tight even to pain and suffering preferring a certain present to an uncertain future/ Oscar Arias
When Harvard University opened its doors in 1636, there were already well-established Universities in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. Oscar Arias
India, China, and Latin America have a tremendous stake in the people's century. As their masses learn to read and write, and as they become productive mechanics, their standard of living will double and treble. Henry A. Wallace
I advise you not to meddle in political affairs nor to either support or oppose any party…. A woman should be neutral in public matters. Her family and domestic duties are her first obligations. Simon Bolivar
Unfortunately, many of the nations of this hemisphere are still self-tormented by domestic dissensions. Revolution succeeds revolution; injuries are committed upon foreigners engaged in lawful pursuits; much time el apses before a government sufficiently stable is erected to justify expectation of redress; ministers are sent and received, and before the discussions of past injuries are fairly begun fresh troubles arise; but too frequently new injuries are added to the old, to be discussed together with the existing government after it has proved its ability to sustain the assaults made upon it, or with its successor if overthrown. If this unhappy condition of things continues much longer, other nations will be under the painful necessity of deciding whether justice to their suffering citizens does not require a prompt redress of injuries by their own power, without waiting for the establishment of a government competent and enduring enough to discuss and to make satisfaction for them. Andrew Jackson
Latin America must follow the education model, that allows children to handle the English language from a very early age. Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala
Within a century or so after the discovery of America, more than fifty new foods had been carried back to the Old World, including maize, turkey, white potato, pumpkin, squash, the so-called Jerusalem artichoke, avocado, chocolate, and several kinds of beans. Potatoes and maize now rank second and third in total tonnage of the world's crops, behind rice but ahead of what is probably man's oldest cultivated grain, wheat. Peter Farb
The precise value of the Monroe doctrine is very loosely understood by most Americans, but the effect of the familiar phrase has been to develop a national sensitiveness, which is a more frequent cause of war than material interests; and over disputes caused by such feelings there will preside none of the calming influence due to the moral authority of international law, with its recognized principles, for the points in dispute will be of policy, of interest, not of conceded right. Alfred Thayer Mahan
It is no wonder that the Spanish dependencies languished, in spite of their infinite potentialities of wealth and prosperity. The narrow and selfish policy of the mother country deprived the colonists of all incentives to exertion; the officials sent from Spain enriched themselves, the tax- gatherers seized all superfluous earnings; there were no accumulation of capital and no advancement. Henry Charles Lea
Latin American leaders have been demonized by a combination of their own local media—which is controlled by private, rich families who don’t want to see change in their countries—and also the U. S. media which is surprising considering the distance from the facts. Oliver Stone
Our primary objective in Latin America is to aid whenever necessary, the continual growth of the military and paramilitary forces, so that together with the police and other security forces, they may provide the necessary internal security. Robert McNamara
Soldiers, you are going to finish the greatest task which heaven can charge to a man: to save a whole world from slavery... Soldiers, Peru and the whole of America are waiting for you to deliver peace, the child of victory. Even free Europe looks upon you with favor: for the freedom of the New World is the life of the universe. Simon Bolivar
The aim of our [the CIA’s] programmes was to support the status quo, to support the oligarchies of Latin America. These are the power structures that date back centuries, based on ownership of the land, of the financial resources, of the export-import system, and excluding the vast majority of the population. With all of our programmes, we were supporting these traditional power structures. What first caused me to turn against these people were the corruption and the greed that they exhibited in all areas of society. My ideas and attitudes began to change, and eventually I decided to resign from the CIA. Philip Agee
It was not until I got down to Latin America that I began to get a political education. Whatever my ideas when I went down there, I saw things around me every day that influenced me. I saw the terrible economic and social conditions, and the injustices that could not be ignored. Philip Agee
Why has there never been a military coup in Washington DC? Because there is no American Embassy there. Anonymous
America [Latin America] shall not lag a century behind Europe: it will stride as an equal first, and lead later; it will, in the end, be the most illuminated by the sciences… Jose Cecilio Diaz del Valle
Politically, [Latin] America is the same as it is physically: the land of the earthquakes. Jose Cecilio Diaz del Valle
[Latin] America began to suffer, and still suffers, from the tiresome task of reconciling the hostile and discordant elements it inherited from the despotic and perverse colonizer [Spain], and the imported methods and ideas which have been retarding logical government because they are lacking in local realities. Jose Marti
Christianity has seen a massive shift toward the south, with more than 60 percent of Christians now living in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Stephen Hopgood
In 1955, Cuba had a life expectancy of 59.5 years, shorter than Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay… In 1985 the average Cuban could expect to live until the age of 75, longer than anyone else in Latin America and just short of the average American (75.9 years). Cuba’s children were the best fed and the level of literacy was the highest [in Latin America]. Donald Sassoon
Corruption is an endemic evil—a cultural problem, not only for Mexico but for all Latin America Enrique Pena Nieto
Of twenty Latin American republics only six are free from American interference in one form or another. In eleven countries this interference takes the form of official direction of financial policy, and in six this direction is backed by United States troops. Robert Morss Lovett
Among the popular and representative systems of government I do not approve of the federal system: it is too perfect; and it requires virtues and political talents much superior to our own. Simon Bolivar
American investors [abroad] receive an interest return higher by at least 2 percent on the average than they would receive from similar government or industrial investment within the United States …. It is obvious that they are taking a correspondingly greater risk. A considerable portion of this investment is in areas (as in parts of Latin-America) where political unrest is chronic and where legislation changes rapidly, or in areas in which there is a serious possibility of war or bankruptcy. Herbert Feis
The Government of the United States has always maintained that it would not intervene forcibly in the domestic affairs of the Central and South American Republics, and particularly of the island republics in the Caribbean Sea. Nevertheless, both the preceding national Administration and the present have felt no difficulty in using the army and navy of the United States for armed intervention in the affairs of some of those republics; and neither of the two great political parties in the United States has thus far shown any disposition to make an issue with either Administration on this subject. Charles W. Eliot
The effects of U.S. intervention in Latin America have been overwhelming negative. They have had the effect of reinforcing brutal and unjust social systems and crushing people who are fighting for what we would actually call “American values.” In many cases, … we actually overthrew governments that had principles similar to ours and replaced those … leaders with people who detest everything the United States stands for. Stephen Kinzer
The fundamental question for the United States is how it can cooperate to help meet the basic needs of the people of the hemisphere despite the philosophical disagreements it may have with the nature of particular regimes. It must seek pragmatic ways to help people without necessarily embracing their governments. Nelson A. Rockefeller
The Government of the United States is not entitled to affirm as a universal proposition, with reference to a number of independent States for whose conduct it assumes no responsibility, that its interests are necessarily concerned in whatever may befall those States simply because they are situated in the Western Hemisphere. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess Salisbury
Zika could become the newest flashpoint in America’s debate on abortion. With nearly 1,000 pregnant women in the U.S. infected with Zika and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising all expectant mothers to be screened for exposure to the virus, the USA is beginning to get a hint about why the issue became so contentious in Latin America this year. Liz Szabo