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Now there will be suspicion hatred, and intolerance between those of Japanese ancestry ... and the other natives. There will be divisions among the Japanese Americans themselves, because some are citizens by right of birth while those born in Japan are subjects of the Mikado. The Japanese Americans are overwhelmingly loyal, but they have always borne the burden of white American suspicion, and that burden will increase. Thousands may be penned in camps. George Samuel Schuyler
A Jap’s a Jap. It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen or not. I don’t want any of them . . . John L. DeWitt
We are at war and these people are our enemies. Alfred Atkinson
The unnecessary result of wartime hysteria. J. Edgar Hoover
The continued retention of these innocent people would he a blot upon the history of this country. Harold L. Ickes
‘Only what we could carry’ was the rule. So we carried strength, dignity, and soul. Lawson Fusao Inada
We were taught to kill the enemy. They were evil. We were doing something good. Daniel Inouye
All Japanese, aliens and non-aliens, will be evacuated on May 16, 1842 United States
I could not shake the feeling that I was bad and not to be trusted and that is why I am imprisoned here. Mary Matsuda Gruenwald
Are you willing to serve in the United States armed forces of the United States and serve wherever assigned …. Forswear any allegiance or obedience to Japan or the Japanese Emperor? Selective Service System
After December 7, 1941 our assets were frozen, we could only withdraw $100. We were placed under a curfew and could not leave our home at night. Mary Matsuda Gruenwald
In the internment camp, there was nothing to do. Mary Matsuda Gruenwald
Four of us were ushered into a 20 foot by 20 foot bare room with 6 Army cots. An older couple who we did not know were brought in to share our room. Mary Matsuda Gruenwald
It chills my soul to think of American children behind barbed wire. Eleanor Roosevelt
The Japanese have the cunning of the fox and the ferocity of the bloodthirsty hyena Olaf Tveitmoe