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That's a good question. Let me try to evade you. Paul Tsongas
Soldiers are supposed to keep quiet. Joao Figueiredo
I’d be happy to take any of your questions and with the advantage of no longer being Secretary of State so that I can actually answer them. Madeleine Albright
Your questions are stupid! Eddie Jordan
I don’t believe in an answering questions that have not become relevant yet. Christopher Dodd
I’m ready any time you want to repeat the stupid question. Michael J. Quill
If you hear the question wrong, you will answer wrong. Arab Proverb
If somebody is going to hand me a load of BS, I feel obliged to call attention to the steaming pile Ted Koppel
Princes need, in tender matters and ticklish times, to beware what they say. Francis Bacon
I’m Mrs. Jimmy Carter and I thought you might want to interview me. Roslyn Carter
That sir is a matter of too great importance to discuss in a five minute interview, now rapidly drawing to a close. Grover Cleveland
I don't believe in that "no comment" business. I always have a comment. Martha Mitchell
In politics, you don’t have to love the press; you don’t even have to like the press, but you sure as hell have to feed the press. Ron Nesson
Memory is often less about truth than about what we want it to be. David Halberstam
people with fascist backgrounds trying to save their careers by becoming useful to the Americans. [The non-Russians] hated the Russians violently…. Their main goal was to convince the U. S. Government of their importance and their ability to help the U. S. Government so they would get support in one way or another Stephen Barrett Tanner
When we get married or interviewed for a job or play professional sports or run for president of the United States, we encounter a whole set of standards and expectations. We can be shamed for an outfit that's too slutty, too dowdy, too pricey--take your pick. That's the burden women carry into the fitting room. Eliana Dockterman