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We demand a strong national regulation of interstate corporations. We insist that [commercial power] shall be exercised openly, under public supervision and regulation of the most efficient sort .... To that end we urge the establishment of a strong federal administrative commission of high standing which shall maintain permanent active supervision over industrial corporations engaged in interstate commerce. Anonymous
I am conscious each time I ask a question that there is a deep resentment in the heart of the railroad official at being compelled to answer; but that he is compelled to, he recognizes. Franklin K. Lane
Common carriers exercise a sort of public office, and have duties to perform in which the public is interested. . . . Their business is, therefore, affected with a public interest Morrison R. Waite
It satisfies the public clamor for a government supervision of the railroads at the same time that the supervision is almost entirely nominal. Richard Olney
We will throw the highways of commerce open on equal terms to all who use them. Theodore Roosevelt
Facilities have been given me here as never before, the Interstate Commerce People even offering me a desk and stenographer, with full admission to all their published reports and letters. It certainly shows how … a greater care for truth and fairness, which I have tried to attain in my articles, gets hold of people. Ray Stannard Baker
Neither this people or any other free people will permanently tolerate the use of the vast power conferred by vast wealth, and especially by wealth in its corporate form, without lodging somewhere in the government a still higher power of seeing that this power, in addition to being used in the interest of the individual or individuals possessing it, is also to be used for and not against the interests of the people as a whole…. [We must] keep the great highways of commerce open to all on reasonable and equitable terms. Theodore Roosevelt