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The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. United States Congress
I believe in the broadening of the base of taxation founded upon the ownership of wealth and the capacity to pay. National Union of Social Justice; Charles E. Coughlin
The progressive feature of the income tax is the most dangerous element of democracy. William F. Buckley Jr.
The income tax is the fairest, the most equitable system of taxation that has yet been devised. Cordell Hull
If you manage a grocery store, you pay 35 percent in taxes. If you manage a hedge fund, you only pay 15 percent. Tom Daschle
Surely we can afford to make a distinction between the people whose only capital is their mettle and physical energy and the people whose income is derived from investments. Such a distinction would mean much to millions of American workers and would be an added inspiration to the man who must provide a competence during his few productive years to care for himself and his family when his earnings capacity is at an end. Andrew Mellon
… the most disastrous blow ever struck at the constitutional power of Congress Howell Edmunds Jackson
I should be very willing to exchange with New York and agree that we will take her income and pay her taxes …. They have to pay the larger share of the income tax simply because the large incomes are there. Oliver Perry Morton
It must pay to work! Alliance for Sweden
Estate taxes are the government's way of making up for all the cheating you did on income taxes Will Rogers
They tell us Congress won't lay dry [direct] taxes upon us, but collect all the money they want by impost [import duties]. I say, there has always been a difficulty about impost.... They won't be able to raise money enough by impost, and then they will lay it on the land and take all we have got. Amos Singletary
Americans can and do vote with their feet against high levels of government spending and high income, property and sales taxes by moving from one state to another. But no one should have to leave the United States to find greater economic and personal liberty. Grover Norquist
… taxation should be in proportion to wealth James Wilson
Perhaps the day will come when the man who is paying a high income tax will say to himself "This is proof of my patriotism. The measures which are supported by this money are what make my country a better place to live in. They insure to me and to my children a greater security under the form of government which I have chosen. Eleanor Roosevelt
I’m getting worried. This year I’m paying eleven thousand dollars. And that’s the first time in six years that I’m paying anything. My lawyers take care of it Henry Ford II
The very rich are moving away from everyone else …. We should be taxing capital gains just like ordinary income. Jim Webb
By an equal obligation … every citizen with the same means would pay the same contributions [taxes]; the common man would not be more heavily imposed upon. Isaac Jan Alexander Gogel
He who resides in the less fortunate regions of the Republic and earns a given annual income, but because of his situation has a more restricted enjoyment of it, will pay less than someone earning the same income in the better-off parts of the Republic. Holland