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We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. Neville Chamberlain
In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or ill-will to any human being … John Quincy Adams
I should not rely on the goodness of heart of anybody. Louis D. Brandeis
We have the means of removing starvation and disease. We have almost unlimited power in sight, that can make the waste lands bloom. We have the possibility of banishing disease.... We ... can learn the truth and ... tell it to one another throughout a healthy world that is secure against the ravages of nature. It is the setting for a world of peace and unity. One thing is lacking. Good will and understanding. Vannevar Bush
The American political creed rests on the sovereignty of good-will. William O. Douglas
Tact, respect, and generosity toward variant views will always commend themselves to those charged with the duties of legislation so as to achieve a maximum of good will and to require a minimum of unwilling submission to a general law. Felix Frankfurter
The only stable bond of union is goodwill. James Anthony Froude
Peace itself is not made by documents. Peace is made by good will among men. Herbert Hoover
The gold coin is spent. Lady Bird Johnson
You can legislate against discrimination, but you can't legislate compassion, understanding and good will. David Lam
This picture will try to show the Nazism is a matter of mind, not geography, and that there are Nazis— and people of good will— in every country. The world can't spend its life looking over its shoulder and nursing hatreds. There would be no progress that way. Marlon Brando
Commerce is a teacher and a pacificator. It gives mankind knowledge one of another. Reciprocity of trade promotes reciprocity of friendship. Good trade insures good will. … and wherever we secure just and fair commercial relations with other nations, we are sure to have with them friendly political relations. William McKinley
I shall do my utmost to fulfill my duty towards my country; I am very young and perhaps in many, though not in all things, inexperienced, but I am sure that very few have more real goodwill and more real desire to do what is fit and right than I have. Queen Victoria
Too often bipartisanship is equated with centrism or deal-cutting. Bipartisanship is not the opposite of principle. One can be very conservative or very liberal and still have a bipartisan mind-set. Such a mind-set acknowledges that the other party is also patriotic and may have some good ideas. It acknowledges that national unity is important, and that aggressive partisanship deepens cynicism, sharpens political vendettas and depletes the national reserve of good will that is critical to our survival in hard times Richard Lugar
American life is a powerful solvent. It seems to neutralize every intellectual element, however tough and alien it may be, and to fuse it in the native good will, complacency, thoughtlessness, and optimism. George Santayana
Neither wisdom nor good will is now dominant. Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. Jonas Salk
True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth, universal brotherhood and good will, and a constant and earnest striving toward the principles and ideals on which this country was founded. Eleanor Roosevelt
Generosity is stronger and wiser than cruelty and indifference… The real secret of life is good will. Shimon Peres
Have two centuries of education nothing to do with our success, or an eternity of ignorance with Mexican failure? Was our government a lucky guess, and theirs an unfortunate speculation? The one lesson that America is destined to teach the world, or to miss her destiny in failing to teach, has with us passed into a truism, and is yet continually lost sight of; it is the magnificent result of three thousand years of experiment: the simple truth, that no government is so firm, so truly conservative, and so wholly indestructible, as a government founded and dependent for support upon the affections and good-will of a moral, intelligent, and educated community Charles Francis Adams II
We will take the good-will for the deed.. Francois Rabelais
It will be a sad day for the revenues if the good will of the people toward their taxing system is frittered away in efforts to accomplish by taxation moral reforms that cannot be accomplished by direct legislation. Robert Houghwout Jackson
Every day that I’m in office and every day I push my program, I’ll be losing part of my ability to be influential because that’s in the nature of what the President does. He uses up capital…. I want you guys to get off your asses and do everything possible to get everything in my program passed as soon as possible before the aura and the halo that surrounds me disappear. Lyndon B. Johnson
Those who are troubled by our existing programs are not interested in repeating the tragedy of 9-11. And those who defend these programs are not dismissive of civil liberties. The challenge is getting the details right and that is not simple. Barack Obama
Our liberty cannot depend on the good intention of those in power. Barack Obama