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We talk about issues, but I'm not his adviser, I'm his wife... I find that it's really best not to give your spouse a lot of advice. I don't want a lot of advice from him. Laura Bush
First Lady sounds like the name of a race horse. Jacqueline Kennedy
I feel like I have just become public property. Jacqueline Kennedy
Image became a nuisance that wouldn’t go away. I thought that if I were working productively and accomplishing something worthwhile, the image would take care of itself. Roslyn Carter
My position requires my presence but it is so far from my heart. Mary Todd Lincoln
I'm not wild about the term “first lady.” I'd just like to be called Laura Bush Laura Bush
No White House staff person wants to conflict with the First Lady who goes home and has the ear of the President all night. Marlin Fitzwater
She will never be forgotten because she was truly our first lady for half a century. Zachary Taylor
People call up just to ask me to thank the President, sometimes for something as intangible as the fact that he has given them back their courage. Eleanor Roosevelt
No man who has brought himself back from what might have been an entire life of invalidism to strength, and activity, physical and mental and spiritual can ever be accused of preaching or exemplifying a mollycoddle philosophy. Eleanor Roosevelt
Her coming here has meant more than anything else President Nixon could have done. Andres Velasco
All our children are grown up and have their own lives. Nancy Reagan
The Last Lady of the Land Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
… defiling the race line Texas
Mrs. Cleveland should not wear immoral gowns showing her bare arms and shoulders. Women's Christian Temperance Union
The first lady should lean back when in an open car so that the crowd can see the President. Eleanor Roosevelt