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The DNC hack shows the rapid increase in sophistication of nation states (and Russia in particular) in using the Internet to project powers. We're seeing skilled malicious actors pushing the boundaries of what they can accomplish. Nathaniel Gleicher
I am still writing my own checks for more or less substantial amounts every week in order to squeeze by the weekend. Cordell Hull
Here are people who murdered folks who were trying to help people get a chance to vote and you’re coming up here to recognize them as members of the Democratic Party when they won’t even say that they will support the nominee… Lyndon B. Johnson
Stopping Trump is imperative, so long as it doesn’t require the party rethinking its uncompromising stance on abortion, guns or immigration. Every old rule should be thrown out in the cause of the resistance—except the tried-and-true orthodoxies on social issues. . . .It’s not just that national Democrats don’t believe any give on these issues is politically necessary—they positively oppose it. Rich Lowry
Primary season highlights the parties’ debility, reducing them to the role of referee among contenders. Then the winner takes over the party structure, frequently installing new leaders while commandeering party fundraising lists. The nominees function much like new sheriffs who swagger into town and dominate the scene for a dramatic but fleeting moment rather than like local deputies who rise through the system and ­last. Gil Troy
Failure to recognize the obvious is not a good characteristic of a leader. Jack Reed