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Invention is the mother of necessity. Thorstein Veblen
Asking South American peasants to stop growing coca is like asking the Scots to stop growing barley because people on the other side of the world could not hold their drink. Anne, Princess Royal
Mechanical refrigeration has been found in advance of the wants of the country. John Gorrie
Supply and demand don’t work on a legislative schedule. Jeffery Birnbaum
Every thing receives a value from its use, and the Value is raised [or lowered], according to its Quality, Quantity and Demand. John Law
If Money were given to a People in greater Quantity than there was a Demand for, Money would fall in its value; but if only given equal to the Demand, it will not fall in value. John Law
Land will continue to rise in value, being yet capable of Improvement; And as the Demand increases, for the Quantity will be the same John Law
Supply creates its own demand Jean-Baptiste Say
The world’s demand for energy will never stop. Archer Daniels Midland Corporation
The general consumption of any commodity by the vulgar lessens, on the contrary, in many minds, the pleasure it would otherwise give. It brings down the individual, in this particular, to a level with the lowest John Rae
No right dies so long as someone demands it. Arab Proverb
The very great poverty of the Fishermen arises from the want of markets or other demand for fish. The Fishermen often see the creeks along the West Coast crammed with fine fish, when they could take tons of them at a haul, or shot, with a deep seine or drift net, but when caught they would be useless to them, as they could not either salt or sell them …. From the loss of the potatoes as a certain means of subsistence, the fishermen would give their undivided time to the Fisheries, instead of losing the best seasons by wasting their labor on a high-rented potato garden. They would thus throw an immense quantity of cured food such as Hake, Cod Wallop Brabazon
Every time there is an economic intensification, there is an ecological impact. James H. Barrett
I would love to see more certainty on tax policy and regulations, but in a sense that is a crutch….We need more certainty of demand. Jeffrey R. Immelt
He who puts . . . a product upon the market as it demands, controls that market, regardless of color. It is simply a survival of the fittest. George Washington Carver
The difficulty lies, not in finding a producer, but in finding a consumer. Jean-Baptiste Say
We shall find as we go on with the war and its increasing economic disruption, that first one commodity then another will need to be taken under control... So long as demand and supply have free play in a commodity we had best leave it alone. Our attention to the break in normal economic control in other commodities must be designed to repair the break, not to set up new economic systems or theories. Herbert Hoover
Wealth in the modern world does not come merely from individual effort; it results from a combination of individual effort and of the manifold uses to which the community puts that effort. The individual does not create the product of his industry with his own hands; he utilizes the many processes and forces of mass production to meet the demands of a national and international market. Therefore, in spite of the great importance in our national life of the efforts and ingenuity of unusual individuals, the people in the mass have inevitably helped to make large fortunes possible. Without mass cooperation great accumulations of wealth would be impossible save by unhealthy speculation. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The opinions that the price of commodities depends solely on the proportion of supply and demand, or demand to supply, has become almost an axiom in political economy, and has been the source of much error. David Ricardo
Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth! James Connolly
Regardless of how it is funded, consumption does not increase productivity; investment and innovation do. Edward W. Conrad
Illegal stills had always been plentiful in the South, so Prohibition there did not have the bite that it had in the North. John F. Lehman
As long as there is a demand [for drugs], there will be a supply. John McCain
Obsessively chasing foreign smugglers and beefing up border enforcement will achieve little without much more focused and sustained attention to the demand for illicit goods that fuels the cross-border clandestine economy, most notably the United States’ addiction to cheap immigrant labor and mind-altering substances. Peter Andreas
Limiting access to abortion does not limit demand for abortion. Wendy Davis
With China’s 1.4 billion increasingly affluent consumers starting to compete with U. S. consumers for the U. S. grain harvest, cheap food seen by many as an American birthright, may be coming to an end. Lester R. Brown
Supply creates its own demand Jean-Baptiste Say
There are those who blame the Press, but in this I think they are mistaken. The Press is such as the public demands, and the public demands bad newspapers because it has been badly educated. Bertrand Russell
While the American proposals for the limitation of [opium] production may have been theoretically sound, the United States ignored the practical obstacles in the way of their achievement. In one sense these proposals were unfair, since they transferred the responsibility for suppressing the international drug traffic from the strong countries to lamentably weak governments such as those of China, Persia and Turkey. Financially, the United States stood to lose nothing and to gain everything by the acceptance of its proposals. The producing countries, as well as the governments of territories where smoking prevails, would on the other hand be obliged to give up revenues amounting to millions of dollars a year. In other words, the United States asked from the remainder of the world sacrifices which entailed no hardships for herself. Raymond Leslie Buell
The farmers in America who are raising wheat and beef and cotton, and the great multitudes engaged in manufacture, depend for the rewards of their labor largely upon the orderly continuance of purchase, consumption and payment by the people of other countries. It would be a real misfortune to the American breakfast table if Brazil ceased to produce coffee and Cuba ceased to produce sugar and China ceased to produce tea. Elihu Root
If railway men are wise, they will not hinder it . Railroads are a public institution—an institution which must be regulated by law. You cannot run the railroads as you would run a private business. You must respond to the public demand. William Howard Taft
It is the buyers who have created the demand for ardent spirits and made distillation and importation a gainful traffic .... Let the consumer do his duty, and the capitalist, finding his employment unproductive, will quickly discover other channels of useful enterprise. Lyman Beecher
Gold is special, and what makes it special is thousands of years of people wanting it.. Donald Trump
A key feature of the digital age is that technology changes incessantly to sate user demands David Kaye (law professor)
Supply can create its own demand. Joseph Rago