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If the party members want 15 left handed, Lithuanian lesbians they can have them. Haley Barbour
We have chosen you our next representative at the next General Assembly and when we did so we expected and still do expect that you will speak our Sense in every case when we shall expressly declare it, or when you can by any other means discover it. Anonymous
William Judas Bryan. James B. Clark
I am going to Texas, and you can go to Hell! David Crockett
There are at least eighty liars in the convention. Chauncey Depew
People who won those states wanted to see their states in the victory column last night. They won elections in the streets and lost them in the suites. Jesse Jackson
Their ideas may contradict the sense of the whole people; hence the consequence that instructions are binding on the representative is of a doubtful, if not a dangerous nature. James Madison
A delegate cannot have a delegate. Vicarius non habet vicarium. Legal maxim
If elected, I shall consider the whole people of Sangamon my constituents, as well those that oppose as those that support me. While acting as their representative I shall be governed by their will on all subjects upon which I have the means of knowing what their will is. Abraham Lincoln
Convention delegates live the compressed existence of butterflies. For a brief period they are admired, wooed, pressured, flattered, cajoled, endlessly pursued. The day after they have chosen, they return to oblivion. Henry A. Kissinger
The people in this country have always been afraid of power. Now, maybe the powerful are becoming a little afraid of the people. Vitaly Korotich
We stand at Armageddon, and we battle for the Lord. Theodore Roosevelt