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I’m not going to have any damn image experts coming telling me how to part my hair Richard Nixon
If you make payroll every time, everyone will be satisfied with your budget regardless of how bad it is. Janet Allem
[Referring to campaign workers:] You look for people who want to touch history and then go back to their careers. Peter Daley
You could have whipped my butt in 1964, but I went out and worked a helleva lot harder than you did over the years. As a result, a lot of people worked for me. Barry Goldwater
If I've done anything wrong, I believe it's his fault. Jay C. Kim
I desire the undisguised opinion of some experienced and sagacious Pennsylvania politician, as to how the vote of that state, for governor, and president, is likely to go. In casting about for such a man, I have settled upon you; and I shall be much obliged if you will write me at Springfield, Illinois. Abraham Lincoln
You have to have a system that vets everything that comes out of a candidate’s mouth. Ed Rollins
You can’t have people make you what you are not. You can have advisers and political consultants, but at the end of the day, you are who you are. Jon Huntsman, Jr.
It will help your campaign tremendously to have the energy of young people on your side to canvas voters, gain supporters, spread news, and make you look good. Quintus Tullius Cicero
Can you let me know what positions you have at your disposal with which to reward deserving Democrats? William Jennings Bryan
In 1984, one out of four campaign dollars was budgeted for accountants and lawyers to circumvent—or comply with—the law. Mitch McConnell