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Nixon appears to be a politician with an advertising man’s approach to his work. Policies are products to be sold to the public - this one today, that one tomorrow, depending on the discounts and the state of the market. He moves from intervention to anti-intervention with the same ease and lack of anguish with which a copy writer might transfer his loyalties from Camels to Chesterfields Richard Rovere
Within a week he reversed himself and told me to get President Thieu to go to the Paris Peace Talks. How could he do that to a friend? Anna Chan Chennault
In political warfare, you do not fight to prevail in an argument, but to destroy the enemy's fighting ability. David Horowitz
All [political] headquarters make these little mistakes … I was particularly interested to receive this, however, because it has such a startling heading, a quotation from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "That this nation [...] shall not perish from the earth." The inference of course, is that there is a possibility that the nation will perish if one of the candidates in the present campaign is elected! Eleanor Roosevelt
Do not answer [William Jennings] Bryan. Attack him! Theodore Roosevelt
… mingling of racism and communist fears won votes. Heather Cox Richardson
We need to be rational? We have an election coming up in three weeks. Good luck! Chuck Todd
Fear does not have to be real to be powerful. Matthew Dowd
If you asked me, ‘Where’s the scientific evidence of what’s adding value to a campaign?,’ I’d say field organizing. But the campaign consultants who are most famous are the strategists, especially the ones who focus on TV. And that’s where the evidence of the effectiveness of anything that people do in campaigns is the most limited. Brendan Nyhan
I know. Everett Dirksen
I have a mesage from my boss: [Richard Nixon] ... to give personally to you, Hold on, we are going to win.... Please tell your boss to hold on [not attend the propsoed Paris Peace Talks] Anna Chan Chennault