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You need to earn your spurs through performance, not interviews. George W. Bush
In the end, members of the [state] legislature have to have their own organizations, raise their own money and run their own campaigns if they are ... going to win. Larry Campbell
If you can’t run against a political candidate, run against his campaign manager. James Carville
You have to stay very basic. You have to stay very focused. You have to stay very disciplined. James Carville
The campaign can’t be run by 100 outsiders. Tony Coelho
I generally send my signals on the telephone, not on national television. Susan Estrich
Campaigns are not, and should not be, democratic processes. Otherwise nothing would ever get done. Mary Matalin
In a campaign, if the phone rings at 6 o'clock in the morning, it's not good news. Good news does not happen at 6 in the morning. Mary Matalin
A political genius is a man ... who has accidentally been on the winning side in the last campaign and is about to be on the losing side. John Kenneth Galbraith
The paid political campaign managers are the problem [with modern campaigns.] They are overpaid for doing the wrong things. Gerald R. Ford
The outcome of an election depends on the candidate, not the people on the sidelines [advisors, handlers, etc.] Deval Patrick
If you asked me, ‘Where’s the scientific evidence of what’s adding value to a campaign?,’ I’d say field organizing. But the campaign consultants who are most famous are the strategists, especially the ones who focus on TV. And that’s where the evidence of the effectiveness of anything that people do in campaigns is the most limited. Brendan Nyhan