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You can’t build wind power anywhere birds fly or Kennedys live.

There had been an effort to build a large offshore wind turbine farm off the coast of Hyannis. The community objected as they thought the turbines would destroy their view. The Kennedy family compound was also in the community. The reference to the birds referred to the fact that some of the extreme environmentalists objected to any wind turbine which might be dangerous for birds. Horner’s humorous complaint however belies the fact that the United States is second only to China in the establishment and operation of wind power.

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Christopher C. Horner is an attorney in Washington, D.C., a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and an outspoken political critic of climate science. Horner is also the author of three books disputing the scientific evidence for man-made global warming. Horner had a financial relationship with coal companies who provided him with funds. Horner has been criticized for hounding climate scientists with frivolous requests for documentation and emails.

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