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While Washington's establishment ... is whipped into motion by the mere whiff of an emotional issue or scandal, there is no reward in today's Capitol for fixing the broken mechanics of government or solving the huge problems that haunt us.




Tom Freedman, Presidential Assistant (Bill Clinton), Chief of Staff, Clinton-Gore Campaign, Legislative Director for Congressman Charles E. Schumer (Democrat), "While Journalists Chase Sexy Issues," New York Times, September 16, 1990

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Tom Freedman is a consultant who served in the White House as Senior Advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. He continues to be an advisor to President Clinton. Freedman was also Chief of Staff for Political Strategy for the Clinton/Gore Campaign in 1996, part of a team that helped define Republican Bob Dole early in the race using a multi-million ad campaign. Freedman served as a member of the 2008 presidential Obama-Biden Transition Project on the Technology, Innovation, and Government Reform Policy Working Group. Freedman was a policy consultant for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2012. Today he is the President of Freedman Consulting, a strategic consulting firm, and writes on public policy issues.

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