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When prices [for recycled material] are high, we’ll pay you to recycle. When prices are high, we have to charge you.

This problem was unexpected in the early planning of recycling. At the time. prices that businesses were willing to pay for recycled materials were high enough to allow waste management companies to pay for the cost of the recycling plants and the additional cost of pickup and handling of recycles materials. However one of the consequences of the Meltdown of 2008 and the consequent Great Recession was that manufacturing slowed throughout the world and there was less demand for raw materials in general. Steiner took the position that if society wanted recycling, the public would have to pay in times of low prices. However, when prices were very high, the wast companies made more profits. This statement was the beginning of a public policy and regulation dilemma.

Quoted in Forbes, October 4, 2016

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David P. Steiner is a business executive in the waste management industry.

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