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When governments state that certain events have not happened, and yet we have the victims before us to testify that they did, government loses its credibility, and it loses its authority. We see before us today governments that lack natural authority and have to make up for that by the use of force. They do not have the support of the people because they are not trusted by the people. We hear many fine words seeking national unity, cooperation and harmony, yet, almost in the same breath orders are given to military units to shoot civilians, protesters are rounded up, many disappear, many are tortured. No government which governs by the use of force can survive except by force. There is no going back because force begets force and the perpetrators of crimes live in fear that they might become victims in their turn.




Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, Roman Catholic Bishop of East Timor, Nobel Peace Laureate, Reconciliation Speech of February 24, 1999

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Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo
Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo
  • Born: February 3, 1948
  • Nationality: East Timorese
  • Profession:

Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo SDB, GCL is an East Timorese Roman Catholic bishop. His religious life openly denounced the brutal Indonesian occupation of his country. In 1996, he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with José Ramos-Horta for working "towards a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor".

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