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We might be allowed to... assert that because our only cognitions of matter are cognitions of force, matter in the scientific sense is force.

This is a very interesting philosophical and scientific quotation because he states that in Science, matter and energy are equivalent, which 40 years later would be asserted and proven by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity. There were no notes or details ever found from Ludlow, and he certainly did not have the mathematical background to have showed or proved the mathematical relationship. It was almost certainly a type of metaphysical statement and surely he had no idea of how accurate it was.
Fitz-Hugh Ludlow
Fitz-Hugh Ludlow
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Fitz Hugh Ludlow, sometimes seen as Fitzhugh Ludlow, was an American author, journalist, and explorer; best known for his autobiographical book The Hasheesh Eater (1857).

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