Washington Wachira Quotes

We are always inclined to love and care for that which we know.

He was talking about teh importance of getting people to learn about and know birds and other wildlife so then they would be enviornmentally conscious by wanting to take care of the wildlife. However, this quotation has much more generality, in that this characeristic of human nature seems to apply to immigrants, people of different religions and even of different polarized political subgroups. Contact with and knowing others tends to induce empathy, care, concern adn love.

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  • Born:
  • Nationality: Kenya
  • Profession: Enviornmental Scientist

Washington Wachira -- Enviornmental Scientist "Nature conservation and interpretation is what I love to do; and there is no better way to enjoy nature’s beauty than through photographs. The human story is based entirely around his/her environment. My photography showcases the universe as it is, and our human lives all around it. I enjoy telling stories through my photography and showing what beauty lies all around us. Photographs are like fossil records of events and moments in our lives. They help us relive these wonderful moments and appreciate life with a deeper touch. Please join me in the knowledge and fun….thank you. "

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