Sarah Palin Quotes

Unless government appropriately regulates oil developments and holds oil executives accountable, the public will not trust them to drill, baby, drill. And we must.

This is one of the few positions where she deviated from a hard right position. Most of the ultra rightists opposed regulation of any kind. However, there had been so many oil drilling and transportation disasters that she felt that the public had to be made more willing to drill new oil wells and government regulation would increase their trust level.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
  • Born: February 11, 1964
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Politician

Sarah Louise Palin is an American politician, commentator, author, and reality television personality, who served as the ninth governor of Alaska from 2006 until her resignation in 2009. As the Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 election alongside presidential nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain, she was the first Alaskan on the national ticket of a major political party and the first Republican woman selected as a vice presidential candidate. Her book Going Rogue has sold more than two million copies.