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Through the eight books in 'The Treasure Chest' series, readers will meet twins Maisie and Felix and learn the secrets and rules of time travel, where they will encounter some of these famous and forgotten people. In Book 1, Clara Barton, then Alexander Hamilton, Pearl Buck, Harry Houdini, and on and on.






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Ann Hood
Ann Hood
  • Born: December 9, 1956
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Novelist

Ann Hood is an American novelist and short story writer; she has also written nonfiction. The author of fourteen novels, three memoirs, a short story collection, a ten book series for middle readers and one young adult novel. Her essays and short stories have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies, including The Paris Review, Ploughshares,, and Tin House. Hood is a regular contributor to The New York Times' Op-Ed page, Home Economics column. Her most recent work is "The Book That Matters Most" published with W.W. Norton and Company in early 2016.

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