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The time seems right for a new conception of association within the Commonwealth, not necessarily owing allegiance to the Crown, especially for those countries which have no ties of blood, culture, or religion

This appears to be the first conceptualization of a British Commonwealth involving independent nations rather than colonies. In a sense this notion saved the Commonwealth.

Hubert Elvin Rance, 1898-1974, British Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, Last British Governor of Burma, Diplomatic Cable to William Francis Hare, Minister of State for Colonial Affairs, June 9, 1947

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  • Born: July 17, 1898
  • Died: January 24, 1974
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Major General Sir Hubert Elvin Rance GCMG GBE CB (17 July 1898 – 24 January 1974) was the last Governor of British Burma between 1946 and 1948, during the transition from Japanese to British colonial administration. Later he became Governor of Trinidad and Tobago.

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