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The most arbitrary powers in history always hid under the claim of some impersonal logic—God, the laws of nature, the laws of the market—and they always overlooked the backlash when morally intolerable discrepancies became glaringly visible.



Yaron Ezrahi
Yaron Ezrahi
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Yaron Ezrahi is an Israeli political theorist and an Emeritus professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a senior Fellow Emeritus at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem. Ezrahi is known for his work on the relations between modern science and the rise of the modern liberal democratic state and the political uses of scientific knowledge and authority. His latest work focuses on the deterioration of the Enlightenment version of the partnership between science, technology and democracy and the changing parameters of postmodern imaginaries and performances of the democratic order. His books have been translated into German and Chinese.

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