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The great obstacle in the way of reform is neither American nor English, it is simply human. All that we know, by past experience, of the attempts of man to provide himself with a government, makes it most unlikely that an effort, repeated every four years, on the part of one hundred millions of people, to elect a single officer as the chief of state, should succeed. It seemed reasonable enough when the Constitution was framed for 3,000,000 people, leading a simple agricultural life. All democracies of which the world has had any experience, have been small … Our desire to create a ‘world Power’ out of the Federal machine is a fiasco, full of shame and disappointment.




Edwin Lawrence Godkin, 1831-1902, Editor, New York Evening Post, Founder, Nation, “Civil-Service Reform," The Nation, September 27, 1900

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Edwin Lawrence Godkin
Edwin Lawrence Godkin
  • Born: October 2, 1831
  • Nationality:
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Edwin Lawrence Godkin was an Irish-born American journalist and newspaper editor. He founded The Nation and was the editor-in-chief of the New York Evening Post from 1883 to 1899.

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