Nikola Tesla Quotes

The economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing importance to man.


He anticipated Wi Fi but claimed that he had a method of transmitting large amounts of electricity through the air or space. In the 21st century, scientists at MIT were able to power a standard light bulb without wires and Tesla’s prediction will become reality. We do not know to this day if the methods he was working on could have worked on a large scale because his notes and plans have been lost, The large building and tower he constructed for this before his backers would fund it no longer, still exists on Long Island. Tesla was one of the great American immigrant scientists. He found in America the kind of intellectual and operational freedom that did not exist in the rigid, monarch-controlled, Austro-Hungarian Empire. He developed patents and techniques that formed the technological bases of radio, telephone long distance, TV, cell phones, Wi Fi, just to name a few. Most important he was Thomas Edison’s great nemesis. Edison invented DC electric generators that could power factories or entire streets in a neighborhood. Tesler invented and developed AC electrical technology which could power entire cities and he could move electricity over long distances which Edison could not. Tesler was one of the first scientists to conceive of and try to implement “Big Science” where there were huge capital investments to develop machines and systems to do what had never been done before—philosophically like the CERN Hadron Collider. Tesler even convinced a large corporation to finance the construction of a massive building and tower so he could experiment with the wireless transmission of electricity. However, as the industrial democracies have learned, Big Science can only be funded by governments and it often takes sever working in consort to afford the huge investment that is required. In Tesler’s era, the federal and state governments did not fund scientific research so his work was not only technically ahead of his time but also conceptually. He anticipated most of the problems and need for a national power grid that was challenging America even at the beginning of the 21st century.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
  • Born: July 10, 1856
  • Died: January 7, 1943
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Profession: Scientist

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.