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The collective operates a barber shop, giving free haircuts and (if desired) free shaves twice weekly. Money is abolished and has been replaced by vouchers. Food, meat, and all other provisions are distributed in quantity when plentiful or equitably rationed when in short supply. The collective allows 5 liters of wine per person weekly. Medical care and medicines are free. Even postage stamps are free. There is no rent. Housing, building repairs, water, gas, electricity -- all are supplied gratis, not only to the collectivists but also to the “individualists.” The village generates its own power from a waterfall. There is no scarcity of clothing. By arrangement with a Barcelona textile plant, oil is exchanged for cloth, dresses, etc. Garments are distributed in rotation to 40 persons daily.




Augustin Souchy, 1892-1984, German Writer & Editor, Secretary of the International Working Men's Association, Editor Der Syndikalist, Description of the Collective in Catalan Province of Spain, "A Journey Through Aragon," Sam Dolgoff (ed.), The Anarchist Collectives

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Augustin Souchy
Augustin Souchy
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Augustin Souchy Bauer was a German anarchist, antimilitarist, labor union official and journalist. He traveled widely and wrote extensively about the Spanish Civil War and intentional communities. He was born in Ratibor, Germany (now Racibórz, Poland).

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