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The career of politics, formerly considered among Americans so honorable, but latterly so much the, reverse, will once again resume its old position, and, indeed, more than its old position. It will have all the characteristics of a respectable and powerful profession, founded on merit and the interest of all its members in the work to which they have devoted their lives.

This quotation illustrates how public approval of politicians has radically changed over the years bouncing up and down like a Yo Yo. In 1872, when this was written, the standing of politicians was low. During and after Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, the public more admired politicians. Opinions deteriorated and hit a new low with Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression only to rise again with FDR and WWII. Often the view of the presidency colors the public perception of all politicians, but sometimes there is a differential. During President’s Barack Obama’s first term, he was reasonably popular, but the public approval of the Congress had eroded to 10 percent, the lowest in recorded history.

The Atlantic Monthly, Editorial, “Politics”, February 1872

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