Achim Steiner Quotes

Restoration of peatlands is a low hanging fruit, and among the most cost-effective options for mitigating climate change.

Peat bogs that have been abused emit large amounts of greenhouse gasses which contribute to global warming. It is relatively easy to restore peat bogs and the effect is significant in reducing greenhouse gases. Therefore he argues that it is a sensible early step to take to cope with climate change.
Achim Steiner
Achim Steiner
  • Born: May 17, 1961
  • Nationality: Brazilian, German
  • Profession: Director Oxford Martin School (as September 2016)

Achim Steiner is an environmentalist, of Brazilian-German ancestry, who currently serves as the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Before joining UNDP, he was Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP (2006–2016), and director of the Oxford Martin School (2016–2017). He has also served as Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Secretary-General of the World Commission on Dams.

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