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Propaganda in the ordinary sense of the term plays a less important part in a consumer society, where people greet all official pronouncements with suspicion.






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Christopher Lasch
Christopher Lasch
  • Born: June 1, 1932
  • Died: February 14, 1994
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professor History Best-selling Author/social Critic/historian.

Christopher "Kit" Lasch was an American historian, moralist, and social critic who was a history professor at the University of Rochester. Lasch sought to use history as a tool to awaken American society to the pervasiveness with which major institutions, public and private, were eroding the competence and independence of families and communities. He strove to create a historically informed social criticism that could teach Americans how to deal with rampant consumerism, proletarianization, and what he famously labeled the "culture of narcissism".

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