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Pay and Chase

This slogan represents a classic dilemma for administrative and law enforcement authorities. When providers (physicians, drug stores, etc,) render services they send bills to Medicare. There are millions of bills every month. The authorities have two basic strategic choices: First they can investigate each invoice and each vendor to be sure that they are legitimate and if so pay the bill. But this takes time and is a hardship for legitimate providers who need the cash to operate their business or profession. The second alternative is to pay all the bills (except for the ones that are clearly frauds) and then investigate. If there is fraud or suspicion of same, the authorities then have to track down the provider and try and retrieve the money. This alternative is the one generally used and it developed the name and slogan of “Pay and Chase”. Unfortunately, by the time they chase, the fraudulent provider, he has taken the money and disappeared.

Slogan Developed By The Federal Medicare Enforcement Officials, End of 20th century

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