Hannah Arendt Quotes

One of my main intentions was to destroy the legend of the greatness of evil, of the demonic force.

To her view evil was not a great force to be contended with and defeated, but it emanates from the accumulation little things that people do and do not do within a culture. There is no devil or anti-Christ. There is just all of us.
Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt
  • Born: October 14, 1906
  • Died: December 4, 1975
  • Nationality: German, American
  • Profession: Historian

Johanna "Hannah" Cohn Arendt was a German philosopher and political theorist. Her many books and articles on topics ranging from totalitarianism to epistemology have had a lasting influence on political theory. Arendt is widely considered one of the most important political philosophers of the twentieth century.