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No you don’t have the right, just because it’s your land to dig as many wells as you want, and dry up the water for the rest of the farmers downstream..

The Rio Grande River flows through New Mexico on its way to Texas. However, for many reasons the river flow is diminishing and only a little water makes it to Texas. Some Texas politicians wanted the New Mexican farmers, who were miles from the river and have paid to drill wells which they use to pump water for their irrigation, to limit their water pumping. They argued that the pumping was diminishing the water in the underground aquifer, and this was causing some of the water flowing down the river to flow into the New Mexico aquifer thereby diminishing the river flow. The New Mexican farmers argue that they paid a great deal for that land because it came with water rights under the ground and the water is theirs. This was one of the many intractable problems of agricultural water allocation in the West where farmers plant many crops that would not normally survive in that part of the country without artificial irrigation.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
  • Born: October 21, 1948
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Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr. is a former director of the National Clandestine Service (D/NCS) of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was the final CIA deputy director for operations (DDO) before that position was expanded to D/NCS in December 2004. He was a central figure in the 2005 CIA interrogation tapes destruction scandal and The New York Times Editorial Board and Human Rights Watch have called for his prosecution.

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