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No American should have to choose between heating and eating.




Joseph Moakley, U. S. Congressman (Democrat, MA), House Debate, October 28, 2000

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Joseph Moakley
Joseph Moakley
  • Born: April 27, 1927
  • Died: May 28, 2001
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

John Joseph Moakley was an American politician who served as the United States Representative for Massachusetts's 9th congressional district from 1973 until his death in 2001. Moakley won the seat from incumbent Louise Day Hicks in a 1972 rematch; the seat had been held two years earlier by the retiring Speaker of the House John William McCormack. Moakley was the last chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Rules before Republicans took control of the chamber in 1995.

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