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Nature is nobody's ally.

Without interference “nature” kills all life forms. Over 99 percent of all the species that ever lived are extinct—wiped out by nature and natural events. Man has extended his lifespan by controlling or ameliorating the effects of nature. Man may destroy his own species in the end by undesirable changes in environment, but if left only to nature, man’s extinction is virtually certain.

Herman Melville, 1819-91, Novelist, The Stone Fleet

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Herman Melville
Herman Melville
  • Born: August 1, 1819
  • Died: September 28, 1891
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Novelist

Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet of the American Renaissance period. His best known works include Typee (1846), a romantic account of his experiences in Polynesian life, and his whaling novel Moby-Dick (1851). His work was almost forgotten during his last 30 years. His writing draws on his experience at sea as a common sailor, exploration of literature and philosophy, and engagement in the contradictions of American society in a period of rapid change. He developed a complex, baroque style; the vocabulary is rich and original, a strong sense of rhythm infuses the elaborate sentences, the imagery is often mystical or ironic, and the abundance of allusion extends to biblical scripture, myth, philosophy, literature, and the visual arts.