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Mickey Mouse Protection Act

The original copyright protection term set by Congress was 14 years. Then authors and publishers have lobbied Congress to get the copyright extended to 26 years with another 26 year renewable period allowed. That gave 52 years. But in 1998, the copyright on Mickey Mouse was about to expire. Then anyone could create and sell Mickey Mouse cartoons or drawings. Disney, then led a massive lobbying effort and persuaded Congress to extend the copyright period to an effective 120 years. The original concept of the copyright act—providing a short period of protection for a creative effort’s author—and then the material became public. This was supplanted by a defacto unlimited copyright period where material created in one generation would never be freely available for the Americans in that generation. By the time the copyright runs out, all who were around at the creation would be dead.

Nickname for the Copyright Term Extension Act, 1998

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