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Walter J. Hickel, Governor of Alaska (Independent), U. S. Secretary of Interior (Republican), Interview, CBS 60 Minutes, May 10, 1992

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Walter J. Hickel
Walter J. Hickel
  • Born: August 18, 1919
  • Died: May 7, 2010
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Walter Joseph "Wally" Hickel was an American businessman, real estate developer, and politician. Starting out in Alaska during territorial days as a construction worker and subsequently a construction company owner/operator, he later became heavily involved with real estate development during Alaska's post-World War II boom period, building residential subdivisions at first, then branching out to building and operating shopping centers and hotels. Thrust into politics during the early 1950s by a power struggle within the territorial Republican Party and the battle to achieve statehood for Alaska, Hickel remained a formidable power in Alaskan politics for nearly a half century.

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