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If we did find that (most) mathematically gifted people possessed a special gene, would implanting such a gene in our children ever be justified? If certain traits are objectively superior to others, should we not promote active potentials to acquire such traits? The difficulty in answering this question lies in the fact that we live in a pluralist society. If people were to disagree about the ranking of certain characteristics, how would we decide which ranking is the correct one? It may be true that some characteristics are objectively superior to others (or better before God). And it may be true that many people would be capable of picking out a few such superior qualities. But who is to be appointed supreme judge?

Critics of her position observe that the same objections could describe the decisions of what we teach children today. There is much disagreement about what should be taught. In the final analysis our society allows the parents to decide. If they want to send a child or a religious school that did not teach mathematics that is their right. If they chose a science school that did not teach music, that too is their right. Genetics may be treated no differently.

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