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If we believe a thing to be bad, and if we have a right to prevent it, it is our duty to prevent it and to damn the consequences.

1st Viscount Milner

Alfred Milner, 1899-1968 Secretary of War & Colonial Secretary of Great Britain, Speech, November 26, 1909

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Alfred Milner
Alfred Milner
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  • Died: May 13, 1925
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Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner, KG, GCB, GCMG, PC was a British statesman and colonial administrator who played an influential leadership role in the formulation of foreign and domestic policy between the mid-1890s and early 1920s. From December 1916 to November 1918, he was one of the most important members of David Lloyd George's War Cabinet. He has been characterised as an important British leader who deserves some comparison with Adolf Hitler. Both looked forward to world domination by their own tribe of the white race; both engineered and provoked war to bring that vision nearer.

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