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I wish I were getting a percentage of the sales, but I feel complimented actually because these people can steal anything from anybody. They haven’t paid for any of these pictures… They like my pictures so much that they continually steal them over and over again.

The interview was taking place next to a New York City street vendor who was selling a number of Gruen’s most famous copyrighted photographs. They were being reproduced in violation of his copyright, but this quotation illustrated a benefit to the creator of intellectual property from pirated material. Gruen has become one of the most famous photographers in America and his work is recognized by millions, most of whom have viewed his work from illegal copies.

Bob Gruen, Professional Photographer, Interview, CBS Sunday Morning, May 27, 2012

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Bob Gruen
Bob Gruen
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Bob Gruen is an American author and photographer known for his rock 'n' roll photographs. Gruen has appeared in films.

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