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Evaluations, in essence, are … ways of being, modes of existence of those who judge and evaluate

Critics, pundits, and social and program evaluators, have—as Deleuze observes—a major vested interest in the outcome of the evaluations—namely their own economic and influential existence. That alone should cast suspicion on all evaluations,

Gilles Deleuze, 1925–1995, French philosopher, Nietzsche and Philosophy, 1962

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Gilles Deleuze
Gilles Deleuze
  • Born: January 18, 1925
  • Died: November 4, 1995
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:

Gilles Deleuze was a French philosopher who, from the early 1960s until his death in 1995, wrote on philosophy, literature, film, and fine art. His most popular works were the two volumes of Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Anti-Oedipus (1972) and A Thousand Plateaus (1980), both co-written with psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. His metaphysical treatise Difference and Repetition (1968) is considered by many scholars to be his magnum opus. A. W. Moore, citing Bernard Williams's criteria for a great thinker, ranks Deleuze among the "greatest philosophers". His work has influenced a variety of disciplines across philosophy and art, including literary theory, post-structuralism and postmodernism.

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