Robert Greenwald Quotes

Corporate conglomerates run without regulation do not work in the service of society, and run reckless and unchecked whenever possible.






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Robert Greenwald
Robert Greenwald
  • Born: August 28, 1945
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Film Director

Robert Greenwald is the founder of Brave New Films, a nonprofit film and advocacy organization whose work is distributed for free in concert with nonprofit partners and movements in order to educate and mobilize for progressive causes. The work of Brave New Films has been screened over seven continents and viewed over tens of millions of times and counting. His most recent full-length feature documentary, illustrates the connection between gun industry profits and gun deaths in America. The studio is currently working with a coalition in California opposed to the money bail system with films like Debunking Bail Myths. Brave New Films is also continuing its history of political advocacy by presenting short documentaries on current events from a progressive perspective, e.g. a piece on Donald Trump's cabinet picks.