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Because Bin Laden's culture doesn't permit the worship of images, they understand how powerful images are. We wouldn't have thought of creating a visual bomb. In a way, he's chopped down two iconic buildings, and used our very truth imagery, to express himself. It's fascinating... I mean, dreadful.






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Alison Jackson
Alison Jackson
  • Born: May 15, 1960
  • Nationality: English
  • Profession: Artist, Photographer

Alison Jackson is a British BAFTA and multi award-winning artist who explores the cult of celebrity culture as created by the media and publicity industries. Jackson makes works about celebrities doing things in private using lookalikes. Jackson comments on the public's voyeurism, the power and seductive nature of imagery, and on their need to believe. The artist's work has established wide respect for her as an incisive, funny and thought-provoking commentator on the burgeoning phenomenon of contemporary celebrity culture. Jackson's interest in the Royal Family has seen her create images of the Queen on the loo or changing royal nappies, Prince Charles and Camilla in naturalistic bliss in the Royal Gardens, and a growing interest in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's flourishing relationship.

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