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At the very least the [Mormon] church should make it clear that religious leaders cannot have sex with young girls just because an angel told them that it was OK to do so.

The Mormon Church did not in condone the practice, but as there were a number of Mormons who led offshoot sects and cults where they claimed that the sexual relations with multiple young girls was divinely inspired, she and other Mormons believed that the Church should be more explicit about prohibiting the practice. There are a number of Mormon offshoot sects where civil authorities charged clerics with statutory rape and other sex crimes. One delicate area of history is that the Prophet and founder of the Morman Religion was a polygamist whose wives included a 14 year old girl and Money and other Mormons wanted the Chruch to declare the the Prophet had erred in this respect.

Kristy Money, Psychologist, Letter to The Salt Lake Tribune, 2014

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